Senior Frontend Developer to Flowbox

E-commerce meets social media- Do you want to develop how the future integrates? Flowbox is the market leader in combining e-commerce with social media by offering companies solutions to involve customers’ everyday lives in their marketing. To continue being at the top, Flowbox is now looking for a Senior Frontend Developer to join their team. 

Flowbox is Europe’s fastest-growing SaaS company within MarTech and is in an exciting development phase where they also accelerate within AI, quite exciting right? By linking social media with e-commerce, Flowbox helps its customers’ with greater commitment, more credibility, and increased sales. Flowbox cloud solution is helping companies find and collect content from customers sharing their experience of the product. They are working together with over 300+ consumers include brands such as Jotex, Gina Tricot, Casall, Nudie, and Björn Borg. For example, if you post on Instagram about your latest pair of Nudie jeans, Flowbox makes it possible for Nudie to use this in their social media marketing. 

Senior Frontend Developer
To thrive in the role at Flowbox you have probably a few years of experience within Frontend development, calling yourself a senior developer. You will be working with new development, features, and improvements to the platform. In this role you will build solid frontend applications where your solutions reach the end-users of some of the most sought after brands in the world, making their branding and marketing even more effective. Flowbox product can be seen by everyone who uses social media. Therefore you are connecting with people at a more personal level, across the entire globe. At Flowbox they are 20 people working at the tech department divided into 5 cross-functional fullstack teams. The Frontend team uses React as their frontend framework of choice so you have probably been working with this previously, or perhaps Vue or a modern version of Angular. Needless to say, you know your fair bit of HTML and CSS as well to create responsive web applications from scratch. Flowbox is running on AWS so it will be easier for you if you are familiar with cloud solutions. 

The missing piece
To find your place in their team, you are probably driven, self going, you are not looking for a job where people tell you exactly what you should do. You are a problem solver that likes to take things in your own hands and quickly see the results of your labor. To thrive in this role you are a result-driven person who wants to see the entire team succeed, by helping each other, and work hard together. 

Do you think this is the right position for you? In that case, Apply through our website or contact us, I will gladly tell you more. If you have any questions about the company or position, do not hesitate to contact Olivia Strandberg at 070-605 09 22 or

Keywords: Senior, Frontend Developer, React, e-commerce, AWS, Vue, SaaS, MarTech

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