Senior Data Engineer to Kivra

With almost 4 million users in Sweden, Kivra is taking care of a huge amount of Data going throw their System. Right now they are looking for a Senior Data Engineer to join their team here in Stockholm! 

About Kivra 

The core idea behind Kivra is to take advantage of the benefits of digital letters. Besides convenience, it contributes to a more sustainable world. In the last eight years, Kivra has added more services – one of them is digital receipts. They continue with their aim – to create smart solutions from which everyone can benefit.

Kivra is currently looking for a data engineer who wants to build data-driven services that will help tens of thousands of companies to deliver digital post and receipts to millions of users.

About the role

You will join a small team of data engineers, data scientists, and analysts, responsible for building and maintaining resilient and scalable data infrastructure within Kivra. The team works closely together with other product teams and functions to deliver business value by solving data problems end-to-end, in an event-driven, cloud-native environment.

By building a data pipeline in the cloud, using Kafka, on the Google Cloud Platform, the team can consume events and data from various internal systems. This data is used for, amongst others, business intelligence, reporting, and billing all throughout Kivra. Data is stored in BigQuery and visualized using Data Studio.

Your role will be to help develop, build, and maintain this data pipeline to further lever the value of data-driven decision making.

Who you are

To feel comfortable and thrive in this role, you have previous experience in the field of data engineering in data analytics and business intelligence. You are looking to work hands-on in a high-paced environment with fast decision making where your work will affect how millions of swedes receive important mail every day.

We believe you have an analytical mindset and like solving problems. Where you want to challenge old ways of working and also like to be challenged to think differently. In this role, you will be working overlapping with different teams and functions, so you should feel comfortable in a broader context seeing the bigger picture.

Furthermore, we think that you:

  • Have experience working with data pipelines in cloud environments
  • Have experience in one or several programming languages related to data engineering, e.g Java, Scala, or Python
  • Are familiar with Kafka, and the principles and concepts of event-driven architecture; and can help drive good practices within Kivra (event creation and domain models)
  • Have experience in data modeling and orchestration (Airflow/Oozie/Luigi)
  • Have an understanding of the implications of GDPR for data processing and storage

It’s considered advantageous if you:

  • Have experience working with data pipelines based on the Google Cloud Platform (Pub/Sub, Dataflow, BigQuery)
  • Have previous experience with Airflow, Terraform, and/or Ansible
  • Have previous experience with Hadoop, Postgres databases, and/or Erlang

What’s next?

If you have any questions regarding Kivra, the data team, or the role as Senior Data Engineer, please contact Martin Selin at or +46 (0)70 – 939 24 00 to hear more. Apply through the link below as the recruitment is ongoing.

Keywords: Data engineering, Data pipelines, Data infrastructure, Cloud infrastructure, Google Cloud, Java, Python, Scala, SQL, BigQuery, Tableau, Airflow

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