Senior Software Developer to the health-tech company Ivbar

Grooo has been commissioned to find a Sr. Software Developer to do good and health tech company Ivbar.

About Ivbar
Ivbar is a young and true value driven organization working to support a fundamental shift in how healthcare is delivered, originally as a branch-off from Karolinska Institutet. They believe good health is a human right, and that data analytics is the key to make this possible. 

”We want to create a measurable positive impact on the health of 1 billion people through intelligent use of data.”

With their product, Era, they turn large amounts of raw data into comparable key figures to help hospitals, clinics, governments, insurance companies, and provider organizations to improve the way healthcare is carried out. They are combining brilliant minds from tech, advanced analytics, medicine and business to make this possible. You can read more about some of the stories and case-studies made possible by Ivbar and Era here.

As a company Ivbar emerged in 2012 and recently ended the start-up phase, in a group merger with like minded European actors. As a result, they have ensured economical stability and the possibility to keep growing. Today they work closely with their sister company Value2Health making more large scale progress and are world leading in their field, rapidly growing in several international markets.

About the role
As a Senior Software Developer you will join an open and friendly work environment where you combine our expertise to innovate health care. You will belong to the Core team and develop well-crafted software using agile methods. You will work cross functional, in a backend team and regularly deploying new features to the costumers. You will work in broader projects including data scientists and application developers to write well tested code and enforce best practices. Together with the team, you will ensure to make the right technical choices, and use the latest technologies when appropriate. 

The Core team is versatile and project driven where your interests will steer your day to day tasks. A few examples of these can include but not be limited to: 

  • Writing efficient data analysis algorithms to gain data insight and knowledge.
  • Handling data, ensuring high quality input data pipelining in the best way and optimize the ETL process.
  • Engage in the application deployment and the platform infrastructure. Especially regarding cloud and robust infrastructure.
  • Information security challenges that arise due to the fact that the systems handle sensitive health care data and how to handle compliance.
  • For the right person there is an opening as Tech Lead in the Core team to coach and guide the team forward.

Who you are
We believe that you are a collaborative teammate who wants to succeed together with others. We are looking for an experienced developer who understands the necessary patterns and learns quickly, rather than someone who ticks all the boxes below. We also believe you agree on some of the following and have an interest in expanding your knowledge in the rest:

  • You have several years of experience developing in Python
  • You have experience in working with Big Data. the process of ETL and Apache Spark
  • You have experience in Docker and cloud platforms
  • You are comfortable with GNU/Linux, Git, Jenkins, Ansible and/or Terraform
  • You have experience in and understand the longer term effects of your technical decisions

How to apply
If this engages you to solve complex problems for the greater good, we look forward to getting to know you. Apply through our webpage as soon as possible as the recruitment process takes place regularly. If you have any questions about the company or position, do not hesitate to contact Martin Selin at

Keywords: Cross-functional, Python, Linux, Git, Big data, Docker, Cloud platform, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, Agile

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