Chief Product Officer to Hive Streaming

Global live streaming and on-demand video solutions company Hive Streaming is looking for a Chief Product Officer to their HQ in Stockholm.

About the role
As Chief Product Officer at Hive you will be a central part of the product department and take the general ownership for the commercial aspects of the product. This includes all processes related to moving a product from concept/idea/PoC to launch to meet business objectives. You will be the glue holding the product side and development side together and ensuring they are working effectively together. You will also help build cross-functional relationships to ensure tight alignment on the vision and priorities internally and externally. You will be directing the execution of the strategic product roadmap as well as translating it into product planning. You will take ownership of the product planning process by using a business value approach and be responsible for making sure that the value propositions for product modules and features are clearly expressed leading to a value-based prioritization and planning process.

As Chief Product Officer you will be a key player within the organization cooperating with a wide array of stakeholders to enabling a good workflow and communication with everyone. In your position as a bridge between different functions in the organization you have prime view to scout the surroundings to stay ahead of the competition. As a leader for the product department you will have personell responsibility for key product management personell.

About Hive Streaming
Hive Streaming provides software solutions for distributing video in large and complex corporate networks. By offering high-quality, efficient and secure live streaming and on-demand video solutions the internal communications are ensured without impacting other business-critical functions. Hive integrates their product seamlessly as an underlying black box with the customers day to day operations. This helps bringing the best possible experience without compromising performance, placing a heavy load on internal networks or leaving digital footprints all without the need for additional expensive and outdated hardware. Instead, Hive utilizes the already provided bandwidth and peer-to-peer technology to enable viewers within the same site, or network segment, to effectively watch the same stream or video. Enterprises are increasingly adopting video as a means to stay relevant and the shift towards
transparent video communications to increase employee engagement. making the needs for internal network-friendly solutions key.

Several of the clients and partners are Fortune 500 companies and Hive is currently in a global expansion phase. They have a large network of innovative business and technology partners to explore the future of large- scale video streaming.

Who are you?
You have several years of experience as a Product Manager or an equivalent role and are comfortable in leading and guiding other people in their work. You also have experience coordinate and manage complex projects along with experience from previous technology-driven business development and commercialization.

As a person you are an excellent communicator, both internally towards colleagues and externally towards partners, customers, and other key agents. You are a respected leader with a methodic and structured approach when it comes to managing processes and daily tasks. A part from this you have a strong sense of ownership and a good ability to get people aligned towards a shared goal.

Apply directly below or contact Martin at or 0709 39 24 00 for more information.

Keywords: Chief Product Officer, SaaS, Enterprise, Video Streaming, On- Demand, Product Management, Product Design, Product Planning

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