Head of Sales – Hive Streaming

Global live streaming and on-demand video solutions company Hive Streaming is looking for a Head of Sales to their HQ in Stockholm.

About the role 
As Head of Sales will be a part of the management team at Hive and a key player in the global sales department. Leading the Channel Managers, the sales executives and the technical sales support one of your central tasks will be setting the strategic plan for the sales organization. This includes mapping the differences in the various sales channels and build processes to optimize the results for the global sales department. Since you will be Head of Sales another aspect of your role is to coach other sales executives, technical sales support as well as Channel Managers in their daily roles. You will be based at the HQ in Stockholm, with regular travels to the US in order to be available for your employees, but you will also be strengthening the connections with clients since Hive is a customer centric company. The goals for each channel are clear, your main objective however, is to structure the strategic plan of each channel and make them communicate and cooperate well together for the shared goal of the organization. 

To achieve this you will play a key role helping your team to set up strategies in order to best succeed in their respective areas, while supporting the sales team reach their quotas and maximizing the number of channels the clients use no matter the channel. 

About you 
In order to succeed in this role you are a good communicator, and is able to adapt very well to different situations along with a strong desire to lead teams to help them grow and develop within their roles. A part from this you have a background from SaaS and B2B, and have a proven record from channel sales and the challenges you might be facing regarding channel conflicts within a company. Furthermore you have knowledge and sales experience of global markets and know how to adapt and approach various clients and partners in a beneficial way. You have a financial interest since another area of responsibility copes with the economical and business critical areas for the company.

About Hive Streaming
Hive Streaming provides software solutions for distributing video in large and complex corporate networks. By offering high-quality, efficient and secure live streaming and on-demand video solutions the internal communications are ensured without impacting other business-critical functions. Hive integrates their product seamlessly as an underlying black box with the customers day to day operations. This helps bringing the best possible experience without compromising performance, placing a heavy load on internal networks or leaving digital footprints all without the need for additional expensive and outdated hardware. Instead, Hive utilizes the already provided bandwidth and peer-to-peer technology to enable viewers within the same site, or network segment, to effectively watch the same stream or video. Enterprises are increasingly adopting video as a means to stay relevant and the shift towards
transparent video communications to increase employee engagement. making the needs for internal network-friendly solutions key.

Several of the clients and partners are Fortune 500 companies and Hive is currently in a global expansion phase. They have a large network of innovative business and technology partners to explore the future of large- scale video streaming.

For more information apply below or contact Lina directly at lina.engstrom@grooo.com or at 0729-33 84 00.

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