Marketing Automation Specialist to Reason Studios

Reason is the perfect choice for writing, recording, remixing and producing great-sounding tracks. They are turning the world’s music dreamers into music makers and inspiring them to keep dreaming. Whether you’re making your first beat, producing the next hit song, crafting your own sound, playing around with an idea, or just figuring stuff out—they will empower you to do it. What really makes Reason special is their virtual rack that builds itself as you create your song. Fill your rack with as many devices as you need to get your sound. Your imagination is really the only limitation to what you can build.

What does a Marketing Automation Specialist do at Reason Studios?
Since Reason Studios changed their name from Propellerhead earlier this fall, they’d been up for an exciting time ahead. Reason has great and devoted users who’ve been appreciating the product for a long time. But with the name change in mind, they now see their great opportunity to attract many more dedicated users! Therefore they need a Marketing Automation Specialist who will be strategically and operationally responsible for their global marketing automation. The person is expected to take responsibility for their Marketing Automation Strategy and will be working closely with the rest of the marketing team, as well as other departments in the organization.

The people behind the product
The people working at Reason Studios are passionate about music. Working at Reason Studios you will often hear buzzing discussions about beats, tunes, and music-making. And though they are a music company, the discussion about what’s ”good” music, never seems to have an end. Their passion for music also means that they have a close relationship with their end-user and regularly interact with musicians and producers worldwide. At Reason Studios, they are having fun and really care about each other and want to facilitate growth.

How do they describe their missing puzzle piece?
They are looking for someone who is data-driven, analytical and strong in digital communication. The person should have been working a couple of years with Marketing Automation Software, perhaps within Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation, CRM strategy or Campaign Management. If the person is passionate about developing and deliver in fast-paced team environments, then Reason Studios think it’s like music to their ears! So what they need is someone who’s sharp in seeing the bigger picture as in being attentive to the details.

Do you identify yourself with the description?
Then do not hesitate to contact Anna Stenberg at 070 429 92 33 or We’re looking forward to meeting you! 

Keywords: Marketing automation, Digital marketing

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