Cloud Solutions Engineer to Altair/Panopticon

Panopticon is the world-leading tool in data visualization and it delivers powerful solutions that empower individuals, teams and enterprises to deliver both operational efficiency and analytical insights. The next big thing at Panopticon is to take the software towards the cloud. 

About Panopticon

Since 1999, the Panopticon team (formerly known as Datawatch Panopticon, today part of Altair Engineering) has worked with the largest banks, brokers, fund managers, and exchanges, throughout New York, London, Chicago, Paris, Frankfurt, Sydney, and all the global financial centers. They’ve also been embedded in compliance, risk, and trading systems trusted by an even larger group of buy and sell-side customers.

Panopticon started out as the technology offshoot of an emerging market retail brokerage. The team needed visibility into the trends and outliers in ever-increasing amounts of e-trading data but could not find the software they were looking for so set out to developed a suite of visual analytics tools to minimize the latency of informed decision making. Using Panopticon traders and financial managers can visualize, understand, develop insight, and act immediately, without waiting for end-of-day reports. The company provides visual anomaly detection for real-time streaming, intraday, and historic time series data sets to identify problems or opportunities that are easily missed with traditional trader displays and reports. You can learn more about the product here and on their YouTube-channel.

To further focus on delivering solutions for organizations Panopticon continously create semistructured data through the Big Data flow to help them visualize and make sense out of their data sets. Here in Stockholm, the team focus on their real-time visualizations tool, and to bring this tool into the cloud. Currently, most Panopticons clients can be found within the finance industry in the US and Great Britain, but are found all over the world. With this background and a solid foothold in the finance, trading and banking industry they are now aiming to compete in the area of IoT-solutions together with the rest of Altair and their strong expertise in product development. 

About the role

As Cloud Solutions Engineer at Panopticon you will be responsible for technical and business implementation questions, and bridge the gap between the tech-team and the business side of things. You would be the first person in the Nordics with these responsibilities, but be a part of a global team. This, of course, means there will be some travel involved. You will handle all of the client requests and be a trusted advisor for sales leads, client stakeholders, and executive sponsors, as well as being a source of knowledge and creativity for the technical team. Your role will be understanding the clients’ business needs, create proofs of concepts and helping them with the initial set up of servers.

Panopticon is looking for

Since this role has certain technical demands, it is highly likely that you have a technical background working with clouds, server architecture databases or similar. Most of your colleagues at Panopticon have an educational background in Computer Science, Engineering or something related, and most likely so have you. You are savvy in the world of databases and know how to build SQL queries. Any experience from producing and delivering client-focused solutions based on the clients’ requirements is highly desirable and If you have prior experience from Big Data and, visual analysis tools that would be of interest too. 


Do you think this is the right position for you? In that case, contact us, we would love to tell you more. Apply through our webpage as soon as possible as the recruitment process takes place on a regular basis. If you have any questions about the company or position, do not hesitate to contact Martin Selin at

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Keywords: Cloud solutions, Server Architecture, Data Visualization, Big Data, Real-Time