Product Manager to Panopticon

Are you interested in helping one of the leading companies in Data Vizualisation break ground in the IoT-world? Panopticon deliver powerful solutions that empower individuals, teams and enterprise organizations to prep, predict and visualize their data to deliver both operational efficiency and analytical insights.

About Panopticon
Since 1999, the Panopticon team (formerly known as Datawatch Panopticon, today part of Altair Engineering) has worked with the largest banks, broker dealers, fund managers and exchanges, throughout New York, London, Chicago, Paris, Frankfurt, Sydney and other global financial centers. They’ve also been embedded in compliance, risk, and trading systems trusted by an even larger group of buy and sell side customers.

Panopticon started out as the technology offshoot of an emerging market retail brokerage. The team needed visibility into the trends and outliers in ever-increasing amounts of e-trading data and developed a suite of visual analytics tools to minimize the latency of informed decision making. Traders and managers using Panopticon can visualize, understand, develop insight, and act immediately, without waiting for end-of-day reports. The company provides visual anomaly detection for real time streaming, intraday, and historic time series data sets to identify problems or opportunities that are easily missed with traditional trader displays and reports. You can learn more about the product here and on their YouTube-channel.

The company develops different forms of software to enable the creation of structures known as semistructured data with the company tag line being Visual Data Discovery. The Swedish office works with the real time visualization of this data and also builds the cloud based web solutions. Panopticons customers are mainly in the finance industry and can be found all over the world with the core being in USA and Great Britain, where they also have offices and a wide network of partners. Among the partners are the big banks Nasdaq, BlackRock, SEB and Citibank. With this background and solid foothold in the finance, trading and banking industry they are now aiming to compete in the area of IoT-solutions together with the rest of Altair and their strong expertise in product development.

About the role
Panopticon is in the process of moving their product from a desktop application to a cloud native solution and need someone who can be a part of driving the process for new IoT clients globaly. 
You will be working in close collaboration with development teams, product, market and technical support to ensure that the client get the highest quality from the product. You will also work very close with a senior product manager. This role requires you to be working crossfunctionally between business and marketing with tasks such as gather requirements, document new products, planning releases, preparing sales and having follow ups with clients. 

Panopticon is looking for
To succeed in this role panopticon think that you will have a deep interest in tech and sales, if you have previous experience from IoT, data visualization industry and similar products as Panopticon will be highly meritorious. 
Technologies you will come in contact with are among others Kafka, Jira, and SpringBoot. You probably have a background from M.Sc, preferably from Industrial Economy. Panopticon is looking for someone with a few years experience who is ready to face a new challenge.
You prefer to work in a organisation where the main focus is on human/computer-interaction where the goal is to make a multifaceted and complex product easy to understand and work with. At Panopticon you will get to work in an open and flexible environment together with driven, knowledgeable and sympathetic colleagues. 

Do you think this is the right position for you? In that case contact us, we would love to tell you more. Apply through our webpage as soon as possible as the recruitment process takes place on regular basis. If you have any questions about the company or position, do not hesitate to contact Olivia Strandberg at 070-605 09 22 or

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