We help companies grow within tech!

We help build the world’s leading tech companies with creativity, technology, and lots of love. Our vision is to be a holistic partner for our customers and we are wholeheartedly passionate about creating the best recruitment solutions in tech based on our customers’ needs.

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We work with the best in tech

We work with several of the world's leading companies in tech, no matter what phase they are in. As specialists in our niche, we dare to challenge and think in new ways and with great personal commitment, we help our customers get the right methods and solutions in place to have efficient and modern tech recruitment in both the short and long term.

By working closely and integrated with you as our customer we get to know your organization in depth and create the right conditions for you to achieve your specific growth plans.

Our methods are adapted and tailored to your conditions and in this way, we can package the best solution for you, regardless of whether it is as a partner or part of a smaller project.


Arrangements adapted to you

By acting as your own TA function, we can take a holistic approach to operational recruitment and all the parts that generate quality and efficiency when recruiting in tech.

To quickly and efficiently improve and simplify recruitment, we put together a team that can be scaled up and down depending on time, phase and needs.

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Resources on site

If you already have a lot in place but need support with expertise in operational tech recruitment, you can borrow resources from us.

We have consultants with focus and experience in all areas of tech recruitment, from junior to senior, specialized and comprehensive for both shorter and longer missions.

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Key roles

Headhunting specialist expertise

We will also help when you need recruiting key and specialist roles. Most often it is about roles at C-level such as CTO and CPO or to headhunt tech recruiters when you are looking to build your own TA team.

We understand the candidates’ driving forces and create attractive offers based on an intended target group.

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