Selected client cases

Mojang Studios - Consultant

Mojang – Temporary help with tech recruitment

Mojang is the creator of Minecraft and is owned by Microsoft and one of the world’s most successful gaming studios. They contacted Grooo for help with tech recruitment on site. Their TA team consists of several people today and processes and systems were of course already in place.

In this case, there was no need to take part in Grooo’s methods, but a really sharp consultant who can represent Mojang in the battle for the world’s best developers.

Grooo placed an operational midlevel TA consultant to take part in the team as an internal resource. The consultant handles candidate processes, trains hiring managers, and runs the recruitment process from start to finish.

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Doors - Project – Building a recruitment function on a startup

When Doors contacted Grooo, we had previously helped the founder in some of his previous startups, with very successful results. However, this was a completely new startup with little time, little money and VERY high expectations.

We agreed on the layout project, where Grooo sets the entire TA structure and operates it as an internal TA function. Then a team was put together by a senior project manager and a senior sourcer. An ATS was quickly put in place and configured, materials were produced, pitches were sharpened and within a few weeks the sourcing was in full swing. 

During the project, Grooo has both increased and decreased the work effort in time and adapted to the different challenges Doors faced. The result is a modern TA function on site and just over 10 new senior tech recruitments. Of which 30% are girls.

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BankID - Key roles

BankID – recruitment of specific key roles

BankID is a regular client of Grooo, which we have helped on several occasions with the recruitment of specialist roles. Due to its very high security requirements, it is difficult to have an external person work with BankID’s internal system. However, they are very flexible about processes and responsive to the requirements for accessibility required when not in the same system.

The roles they recruit also work to recruit externally because they are both very specific and very interesting for the right people.

Grooo has driven the entire process from producing requirements profiles, creating materials and pitch, contacting candidates and driving the recruitment process in port. In addition, we have managed personality tests and also changed test provider.

100% of the committed assignments have been filled.

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Cambio Healthcare - Project & Consultant

The main project at Cambio was to take a grip on the entire tech recruitment within the company, where questions and strategies were built around volume recruitment. By setting up a recruitment stand-up every week, enabled them to open up for collaboration between the teams, Hiring Managers and recruiters, to not lose talented candidates. Also to be able to streamline “time to hire” to improve the whole candidate experience.

A lot of time was also spent on implementing an ATS, which included building and designing Cambio’s new career site and becoming experts on how the system works. As well as set up structures and templates for recruitment processes, but also to provide training for managers throughout the company.

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Vimla! - Key roles

At Vimla, our consultant worked as a responsible recruiter in close collaboration with their Chief Technology Officer, to handle all parts of the recruitment process. In that including Employer branding, the creation of requirements profiles and stakeholder management, when restructuring was needed to make a more efficient recruitment process.

To provide the best possible candidate experience, where candidates go to the final phase and offer, the recruitment process was structured up followed by careful sourcing to get the right candidates.

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Nordkap - Project

Finding and hiring female engineers and developers within tech is a well known hard task to solve. But it’s an important task, especially since monoculture is bad for the business. Hiring more women in dev, design, product and management positions in general, creates a healthier workplace. Diverse workplaces are proven to get better results, higher financial returns and ensures a wider range of experience.

In an assignment at Nordkap, a decision was made together with one of our recruitment consultants to hire more female devs. By establishing key changes, like making more inclusive job ads, smart and targeted search and hire with the intention to train, they managed to rapidly build the candidate pipeline and succeeded in only 3 months to reach their goal of having an even gender distribution in their dev team. This has also made Nordkap a fintech company with more females than males, even in leading positions.

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