Client FAQ

In our Client Frequently Asked Questions you will find the answers to the most common questions asked to us from clients. If you have any specific questions that we have not answered below, please contact us at


I am curious, how do I contact Grooo?

In whatever way suits you. You can contact us using our contact form, or you find all our contact info here, otherwise, you can always call us at +46 (0)8-408 017 40.


Where are Grooo located?

Grooo is located in central Stockholm at Floragatan 4B.


Why do you have tailored methods?

We see ourselves as partners within tech recruitment. Our vision at Grooo is to be a partner for our clients and help them with the best recruitment solution for them.  Therefore, to make sure that your investment really pays off, we always make sure that the way we help you, is the best way for your company and your company’s needs.


What does it cost and how does the arrangement look like?

Both the cost and the arrangement difference from different assignments. We do offer both headhunting and consulting solutions, but given that we have the experience that there is no size fits all, we like to work in projects instead. Regardless of which way, we always make sure that we find a plan that suits you and your needs.


It seems expensive?

We would rather see it as an investment than a cost for you to be able to recruit top talents. We promise that it will be both time-efficient and cost-effective.


It seems like you recruit to quite difficult roles, do you have the experience and network that it demands?

Of course. We have been working with tech recruitment since 2010 and has during these years both developed our knowledge and expanded our network.


Is every Tech Recruiter at Grooo specialized in these industries?

Yes. All of our Tech Recruiters are specialized in tech recruitment with several educations and continuous development. This allows us to deliver fast results, develop in-depth market knowledge, as well as a better perspective on the tech industry and the roles we are recruiting for; and create our unique professional network of candidates & global corporate leaders.


How does it work to work with you on recruiting technical roles?

We always sit down with our clients and go through the specifications of each role before we start the assignment. The communication between the client and Grooo is very important. The more specific you as a client can be, the more feedback we can contribute to concretizing the role. So that we make sure that you get what you need and want.


Why should we work with you?

That is a tough one. We do of course think that you should work with us because we have been doing this for several years and we really know what it takes. We also have the knowledge to deliver when it comes to recruiting both difficult and different types of roles in tech. And we are really fun to work with as well.