Candidate FAQ

In our Candidate Frequently Asked Questions you will find the answers to the most common questions asked to our Tech Recruiters. If you have any specific questions that we have not answered below, please contact us at


User privacy

Is my application kept confidential?

Absolutely. We only present your resume to companies that are selected by you & only after you instruct us to do so.


Can I control where you send my resume at all times?

You definitely can. We will not present your resume to any of our clients without your approval.


What personal data do you share with potential employers?

We only provide access to your CV data and the cover letter that you first approve. If the potential employer needs more or other information, then we contact and share them only after your permission.


How do you manage my data at Grooo?

If you want us to delete your data, have questions regarding how we store or process data according to GDPR or other matters regarding your privacy please contact us at Please do note that if you want your data deleted there is a possibility we will contact you again in the future since you no longer exist in our database and we have no information regarding previous conversations. We do recommend that instead you let us keep your profile but remove all your contact information and make a clear note to “DO NOT CONTACT”. This way we know you do not want to be contacted.


Who has access to the personal data I provide?

Grooo has exclusive access to the data you choose to provide and we are committed to protecting your privacy and any other form of information you provide us with. In some cases, for legal reasons (or to facilitate the recruitment process), we may disclose certain information as defined by law. Read more about your privacy on the Privacy Policy.


Job applications

How do I apply for a job?

After you find a job vacancy you want to apply for, click on the “Apply” button and fill in the application form.


Can I apply for more than one job?

Yes! You can apply for as many jobs as you like.


What happens after I submit my resume to your website?

Firstly, we will contact you to discuss your professional background and get a deep understanding of your career goals. This will allow us to present you with suitable job vacancies. Once you find an interesting match, we will share your resume with our client. Further on, we will be responsible for presenting you for the company and arrange all interviews and meetings, as well as providing you with regular feedback until you successfully receive an official job offer.


How often should I follow up with you after the interview?

After each interview, we provide meaningful feedback and analyze the candidate’s impressions. We inform you through every step and phase of the interview process.


How often should I follow up with you after I apply?

If you are a candidate in an active search, we recommend weekly contact with our Tech Recruiters.


I have been informed about a job vacancy by Grooo and want to apply for another job vacancy through Grooo, is this possible?

Of course! You are welcome to apply to as many roles as you find yourself suitable.


What are the benefits of registering with Grooo?

Grooo is a highly trustworthy, tech recruitment partner, with an array of expertise at our disposal. We have the in-depth market knowledge and fantastic network relations meaning we will aware of many vacancies that are not advertised, providing more opportunities for you. We also manage your application and will liaise with the client on your behalf.


I have sent my CV to Grooo and can see vacancies on your website that I think I am suitable for. Why have you not called me?

It could be for various reasons. Sometimes clients are specific about industry sector experience. Or, it could be based on the information we hold on you, whereby we may not think that you would be interested in the role. For example, if you told us that you were looking for a minimum of 65,000 SEK and the vacancy is paying 47,000 SEK. If in doubt then please call and we will double-check.


Will Grooo send my CV to clients without contacting me?

No never. We only present your details to a client after we have spoken to you about the vacancy, the company and received your permission to do so.


I have applied for a vacancy and I have not been contacted – why is this?

We acknowledge all applications via email. First of all, check that you have gotten the confirmation email (if not, check the junk mail before contacting the responsible recruiter). If we think that you are suitable for the role then we will contact you to discuss the role furthermore. If we have not contacted you, it could be that we did not take you further in the process, or that we have not received your CV.


I have applied for a vacancy online, does this mean that my details have been sent to the client?

No. We screen all applications and call suitable applicants to discuss the role and make them aware of the end employer. Your details are only sent to a client once both you and the Tech Recruiter agree to do so.


Services info

Is every Tech Recruiter at Grooo specialized in these industries?

Each one of our Tech Recruiters is specialized in tech recruitment with several educations and continuous development. This allows us to deliver fast results, develop in-depth market knowledge, as well as a better perspective on the tech industry and the roles we are recruiting for; and create our unique professional network of candidates & global corporate leaders.



If you think that you are suitable and we have got it wrong, then please give us a call and we will explain our decision.

At Grooo we strive to ensure we help all of our registered candidates to get their next career move. We work closely with all candidates, something that is done with transparency and a high level of professionalism.