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Right now we are mainly working from home as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Therefore it can be difficult to reach us on the office phone. Feel free to contact directly with someone in the team instead (the whole team is listed below) or email us!

Floragatan 4B, Stockholm
+46 (0)8–408 017 40

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Anders Achilles
Founder & Head of Business

+46 73-980 69 69

Terese Stenlund
Team Manager & Client Manager

+46 70-953 23 15

Runa Ås
Team Manager & Tech Recruiter

+46 73-647 52 25

Ida Linnertorp
Team Manager & Tech Recruiter (Parental leave)

+46 70-747 09 82

Martin Selin
Sourcing Manager

+46 70-939 24 00

Erika Stigulfsdotter Holmström
Tech Recruiter (Parental leave)

+46 76-232 39 84

Lisa Pihl
Tech Recruiter

+46 70-971 26 29

Amanda Carlson
Tech Recruiter

+46 79-341 43 66

Olivia Strandberg
Tech Recruiter

+46 70-605 09 22

Rebecka Löfquist
Tech Recruiter

+46 70-453 15 43

Helena Westin
Chairperson of the board

+46 70-393 21 03

Our history

Constantly evolving

Grooo was founded in 2010 under the name Stockholm Headhunting. During that time, headhunting, or sourcing in recruitment, was innovative and something that was mainly done in manager recruitment.

Since then, we have continued to challenge the industry with new methods and data-driven thinking, and often far beyond Stockholm’s borders.

In 2019, we therefore chose to change our name to Grooo, a name with growth in focus, which reflects our origins and aims for the world instead of Stockholm alone.

Our promise is to continue to develop the industry with technology, creativity and lots of love.